Duty Counsel

For certain criminal matters, you may be able to get advice from Duty Counsel at the court house. Duty Counsel can explain the court process and give you informal advice about making a plea, asking for an adjournment, and appearing at a bail hearing or at sentencing. The Duty Counsel lawyer may appear with the accused to enter a plea but will not represent the accused or appear at trial.

Anyone can access Duty Counsel for certain criminal matters right at the courthouse. Be sure to go early.

There is no financial eligibility criteria and no cost to access duty counsel services.

Specialized Duty Counsel

Legal Aid also provides duty counsel services for the following specialized courts.

There are no financial eligibility criteria and no cost to access specialized duty counsel services.

The Mental Health Docket operates under the Provincial Court of New Brunswick in Saint John. Participating with an interdisciplinary team of professionals, NBLASC Duty Counsel act in the case conferences across multiple appearances, until the case is resolved.

Duty Counsel also represents individuals who have periodic reviews conducted by Mental Health Review Boards in all areas of the Province.

Specializing in the trial and treatment of domestic violence in the Moncton judicial district; the Domestic Violence Court addresses all violent offences and any criminal charges where there has been an intimate relationship.

The Elsipogtog Healing to Wellness court deals mainly with criminal charges with the intent to resolve its underlying causes such as mental health and substance abuse. It was developed in response to requests from Elsipogtog First Nation to provide a culturally sensitive approach to dealing with those in conflict with the law. Participants of the program are to comply with a supervised plan where their progress is monitored regularly by health professionals and elders. The court helps bridge the gap between the provincial court and Aboriginal culture.